Saturday, August 30, 2014

They May Be Bumps & Bulges But They Are My Bumps & Bulges

I had really planned to hold my list of goals at 30, but after reading one too many times about someone getting their body 'bikini ready' something inside me snapped.  So I started a 'love myself the way I am' goal. There is a 'fatkini' movement going on right now that says the only thing  you need to do to be bikini ready is to take off your clothes and put on a bikini. I plan to make a bikini. And I plan to post photos, because I'm sick of the whole body shaming thing. I don't get why other people feel it's their job to tell you if your body does not meet their expectations. Sure I'd love to look like Katie Perry in a bikini but that sure isn't happening in this lifetime.

The easiest way to make a Fatkini is to take a one piece that is just a bit too small and cut it in half. I think I have two suits like that if I didn't give them away when I moved here.

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