Sunday, August 24, 2014

First Post

Giveit100 is a site to help you reach your goals by (hopefully) daily practice.

My Giveit100.com list was getting overwhelming, so I took a notepad and pen and wrote down everything on my list so I wouldn't have to scroll and scroll and scroll some more. There are 29 projects on there! One more and I'll have an even 30 and then I'm just not going to add any more. All these things are important to me. Half are things I already do but I'm stuck or rusty or haven't had the motivation to keep going. And when I take photos of  'all the things' I can post them on  my blog and talk about them more here.

Current craft project
Remember these things are in addition to all the mundane things I have to do each day; like personal hygiene, housework, errands, cooking meals, shopping and both paid and unpaid work. These are my dreams and goals.

I will share the master list soon. Right now I need to get on with doing the goals. (Blogging isn't one of them).

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