Sunday, August 31, 2014

My New GiveIt100 Record is 17 Videos in One Day

Well, I didn't make it to 33 today, but I did get to 17 videos posted to GiveIt100 and I'm mighty proud of that. I keep a calendar 'star chart' and I got to use a big star for 10 and 7 little stars. My two main roadblocks was it took me forever to get my momentum going, and just when I did my boyfriend got home from work and was packing for a trip so it was hard to concentrate. Then the sun went down. Made for some interesting juggling practice though.

I am a little worried that people will get sick of my face on the giveit100 site. It's not like I have time to make 33 videos a day anyway but I kind of feel like I'm hogging up the place.

I went to the Moose Lodge because I thought the yard sale on Saturday continued on Sunday.

White sunnies.

Skeleton tree at sunset.

The reflection makes this a double self portrait. Think about it.

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