Sunday, August 31, 2014

Now I See Where I Went Wrong

Today I realized one of the reasons I'm not moving forward in my life is I'm not tackling the big projects. So I was going to add a goal of doing one big thing a day. Then as I mulled that over, I realized it was two separate goals. One goal is to end procrastination. But those might be small things, like redoing my nail polish, or practicing piano. So  I think I need two new goals: Do one big thing (like having a yard sale) and do one thing that I've been procrastinating on (like cleaning off my desk).

Usually my boyfriend is off on Sundays, but he had to work so I have the house to myself. So I thought I'd try something crazy and see if I can do all 33 goals in one day!  And get them posted.  That would be quite the trick. So off I go.  Wish me stamina, luck and good timing.

Me in the yard.

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