Tuesday, October 21, 2014

About That Error Message on Give It 100

I just found something odd on the Give It 100 website. If I click on that red error message telling me I can't upload any new videos, then it takes me to the page where I CAN load videos.  Maybe I could have been uploading them this whole time. (Sad face).

Here is the newest one under 'Inspiration'.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Putting My Goals Here While the Give It 100 Site is Down

Once again there is some sort of bug preventing me from putting today's videos on Give It 100. Since I already started making them, I'll try loading them directly to my blog.

 Goal 28: I'm working on crafts for 365 days.

Goal 18: Making things I found on Pinterest.

Goal 15: Doing something new each day.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Procrastination and Pinterest

I have been crazy busy. And the last 3 times I've tried to add stuff to giveit100.com I got an error message saying they had an internal glitch with Apple and I couldn't upload videos. So tonight before bed I checked it and it is up and running again.  So I added 2 videos I made a few days ago. But it made me wonder if I should just put all my videos here either in addition to the other site or instead of the other site, because that way I can keep track of my progress better.  That site is so hard to load with my satellite connection because all the dozens of videos try to load at once. I just imagine it sucks a lot of my very limited monthly bandwidth.

The two I added tonight were Procrastination: I finally dyed my hair. I've been putting it off 4 or 5 months and Pinterest: I started making a purse from granny squares I learned to make on Pinterest.

At least I'll get to put 2 gold stars on today's calendar. Yay.

Granny Squares For a Purse